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Studio Arts Laguna is the charming and quaint on-site showroom of John Barber Glass Designs featuring masterful art pieces, exquisite glassware and drinkware, and unique collectibles ... all of amazing and beautiful blown glass.

John Barber Glass Designs is an authentic artist live/work space —rare in Laguna Beach, California— in a beautiful canyon setting with an on-site showroom and the unique experience of firsthand artist studio tours and glass blowing demonstrations.

We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity ... your personal and direct exposure to an artist’s creative working environment.

A phone call first to 949-494-1464 is appreciated to ensure your visit or tour can be accommodated.  But if you are passing by and our roadside sign says ‘OPEN’, stop in and say “Hello.”  We look forward to your visit!

John Barber Glass Designs
Studio Arts Laguna Showroom
21062 Laguna Canyon Road
(In Laguna Canyon ~2 miles Inland from Main Beach)
Laguna Beach, CA  92651-1146
(949) 494-1464
A phone call is the best way to reach us. Thank you.

Glassblower John Barber
John Barber Glass Designs

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